NYC Indie Pop Artist Fiona Harren Drop A New Single ‘Same Language’

17-year old indie-pop artist Fiona Harren has introduced her latest single “Same Language” to the world.

Born and raised in the cosmopolitan hustle and bustle of New York City, Fiona skilfully encapsulates the popular 90s-inspired bedroom-pop genre with her inventive exploration of personal relationships. Fiona’s unique blend of gentle vocals and robust guitar rifts ensures her new song resonates deeply with listeners.

Borrowing from her personal experiences, Fiona breathes life into her music with an authentic touch. “Same Language” masterfully encapsulates the prevalent communication issues that can strain modern relationships.

The track narrates the emotional tug-of-war experienced in a past relationship, oscillating between pleasant experiences and promises of distancing herself from her partner. The ever-familiar feeling of vacillation and uncertainty inherent in such relationships is bound to strike a chord with many listeners.

Emitting echoes of renowned artists like No Doubt and Lily Allen, the firm guitar strums and tender, yet resolute vocals that constitute “Same Language” are also reflective of Fiona’s style, which her fans will recognize from her upcoming EP.

The song’s heartfelt critique of the trials and tribulations of dating and falling in love in today’s world will undoubtedly resonate with the Gen Z audience.

Anticipation surrounds Fiona’s debut EP, …and then you were gone, slated for a summer release. The collection is expected to explore themes of friendship, love, grief, and rebellion, all blending together in a vibrant, rebellious explosion of teenage angst.

Find the new single “Same Language” by Fiona Harren below for a listen:


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