Nzola – Caleidoskope | Music Video



Introducing German musician Nzola with his brand new “Caleidoskope” music video. The record is described as a “mix of soulful R&B vocals and bouncy UK house […] aiming to bring people times full of happiness, dance and a feeling of being alive” and we are inclined to agree, on the first part at least. The record was produced by Nzola’s brother Lukau, while the video was shot and directed by Fabian Heim and Marcus Zanquila.


No idea about if this is from a forthcoming project, but the important thing is that we like it and I reckon you will too, plus the record is available to purchase on Amazon here if you are so inclined (I realise I have used ‘inclined’ twice in this article). In any case, you should watch this video below.




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