O.C Okeje & Dami Alabi Star In ‘The Rubicon’ | Film Trailer


Rising Nigerian Film star O.C Ukeje, whose most recent movie project includes the award winning Alan Poza, is heading back to the big screen in a film produced by burgeoning UK-based producer and actress Dami-Ann Alabi and directed by Chucks Mordi titled The Rubicon.


The poster and trailer for the film were recently released online and from the looks of things, this one is going to be one of those same old low budget Nollywood “Romance” movies where the viewers will be able to work out the storyline and finale from the first fifteen minutes of the film.


For those keen on checking this film out, it will have its cinema premiere on Friday, October 11 at the Odeon IMAX Cinema in Greenwich, London. Enjoy the film trailer below.



Source: Movie Markers

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