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US band Foxtails Brigade has just released their new single “Hurry Up, John“, a clockwork of melodic melancholy. It features guest vocals from Alexi Erenkov of fellow Oakland band, The Saxophones.


Foxtails Brigade is a collaboration between singer/guitarist Laura Weinbach and producer/multi-instrumentalist Anton Pazner, her husband.


Based in Oakland, CA, they’ve released 3 albums, countless videos and toured in the US and Europe. Although they are most-often classified as indie-pop, their sound is unique; a melodic clockwork of junkyard beats, warped orchestral sonics and Laura’s trademark nylon guitar.


The Hollywood Hills-born daughter of a horror filmmaker and sister of a cult comedian, Foxtails front-girl Laura Weinbach grew up in a household that embraced eccentricity. Laura’s upbringing is present everywhere in Foxtails Brigade, from the lyrical imagery to the hand-drawn artwork and sophomoric Instagram cartoons.


Following their 2011 debut album The Bread and the Bait (Antenna Farm Records), the band released their second LP Time Is Passed (DIY) during Christmas of 2012. Since then, Foxtails Brigade have released their new self-titled album in April 2016 on OIM Records.


Produced in the Bay Area by celebrated Jeff Saltzman (Blondie, The Killers), this record marks the Oakland-based band’s third full-length LP, and serves as a cohesive statement of who they are and the direction they’re headed. Now Foxtails Brigade has returned with this new offering, and we cannot wait to hear more.


You can listen to the track right here:




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