Odina – Nothing Makes Sense | New Music


Folk singer/songwriter Odina releases her latest single “Nothing Makes Sense“, a follow up to her last single “Why’d You Make Me Cry” and the stunning EP from the young spanish artist Broken.


Her new single “Nothing Makes Sense” is one of auditory intimacy. This latest song is an amalgamation of feelings of melancholy and optimism, the latter brought on by the warmth of the reverberating, clean guitar chords, which accompany her vocals; homely and familiar.


Laura Marling-esque honesty shines through and the brass accompaniment during the bridge following Odina singing ‘nothing makes sense at all…’ rings true. By the end, listeners receive the thick texture of hope and acceptance that, for Odina right now, ‘nothing makes sense’.


Taken from her upcoming EP of the same name, if this forthcoming project is as so intensely personal as this single, we are in for a treat. Have a listen to the new track below.




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