Official Red Band Trailer For ‘Unfinished Business’ Starring Vince Vaughn And Dave Franco | Film Trailer


While Jurassic World was the highlight of last night’s Super Bowl TV spots, Vince Vaughn‘s new comedy Unfinished Business also made an appearance with its new Red Band trailer. Directed by Ken Scott and written by Steve Conrad, Unfinished Business tells the story of down on his luck small business owner (Vaughn) and his two employees (Dave Franco, Tom Wilkinson) as they travel to Europe to close the most important deal of their lives.


With recent roles in the likes of The Internship and Delivery Man, Vaughn seems to be playing a variation of the same character over and over again and by the look of things, Unfinished Business doesn’t seem like an exception. Despite the extremely underwhelming trailer, the addition of a potty-mouthed Tom Wilkinson and the ever charming Dave Franco, this comedy is bound to finds its rightful audience. Despite his lack of imagination in role choices, Vaughn is still a funny guy so we can only hope Unfinished Business doesn’t fall completely flat and with cameos from James Marsden, Sienna Miller and Nick Frost, there’s hope still.



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