Oliver / Aberson Unveil Collaborative New Single ‘Precious Time’

Stephanie Oliver and Henry Aberson have joined forces to create a new project called Oliver / Aberson, and they have just released a new single titled “Precious Time” together.

Stephanie is a multi-instrumentalist and percussionist who has been singing and writing songs since the age of eight. She enjoys hopping between genres and doesn’t feel compelled to stick to a single one. The sheer joy she gets from tossing and playing music is most clear in her recordings.

While Henry is a drummer, songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur who blends rock, soul, R&B, and jazz influences to create his own distinct sound. He is a true product of his training and influences, having been inspired and coached by drummers Jamie Oldaker (Eric Clapton) and Moon Calhoun (Rufus, Chaka Khan).

For their new single “Precious Time”, they recorded it at home with a five-piece band and it was mixed and mastered in in Nashville. The track confronts the experience of being stuck and desiring to go forward with your life. According to the duo, “This song, is about a young women and an older married man. The man attempts to leave his wife, but it does not happen, and the pain and suffering that comes with this situation”.

Listen to the soulful song here:


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