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The Force Awakens


The time is nearly upon us. In a mere week the cinematic release of the decade will hit the silver screens of the U.K., propelling millions back to a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Cinemas worldwide are buckling under the pressure to supply tickets to a tsunami of demand; forget Christmas, this is the month of Star Wars. Despite J.J. Abrams insisting there would be no more trailers for The Force Awakens, it would seem there is time for just one more and this one doesn’t add only milliseconds of new footage but whole seconds.


The latest trailer comes from China and gives us exciting, new glimpses of Han Solo piloting the Millennium Falcon and a comical tidbit of BB-8 rolling around the corridors of the Corellian cruiser as it is sent into a barrel-roll. However, Luke Skywalker is once again curiously absent, which will only encourage the debate surrounding his fate. I could tell you more but it is better to see for yourselves, so check out the new trailer below. Once again, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is due for a U.K. release on December 17 and a North American release on December 18 (still seems a little unreal to say that).




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