Ontario Songstress Mel Monaco Sets Sail On New Track ‘Love Tides’

Embodying the mantra, “If you can’t be safe, be spectacular,” Niagara, Ontario’s Mel Monaco drops a sparkling single, “Love Tides.”

Out on August 4, 2023, this hyper-catchy track encapsulates the essence of summer, blending the tropical vibrancy of yacht pop with shades of RnB, Soul, and Jazz. Monaco, a gifted Canadian singer, songwriter, pianist, and guitarist, presents her latest creation as a gentle nudge towards life’s beauty, even amidst the chaos.

Having walked the artistic journey for over a decade, Monaco is no stranger to acclaim. Her talent was acknowledged when she clinched the St. Catherines Emerging Artist Award in 2019.

Beyond the accolades, Monaco’s passion for performance has taken her to stages as notable as Canal Days, where she opened for Blue Rodeo, the iconic Horseshoe Tavern, and she even headlined a sold-out New Year’s Eve show at The First Ontario Performing Arts Centre.

Her unique sound, which she fondly dubs ‘yacht pop’, is a fusion reminiscent of beachy vibes and sunlit sails. “Love Tides” is not just a song; it’s an experience.

Monaco elaborates, “With the world’s current pace, it’s sometimes challenging to recall the splendor of life. But, every time you listen to ‘Love Tides’, it’s like you’re right there on a boat, embraced by the sunshine, celebrating love.”

Indeed, this sentiment is reinforced by an accompanying music video, authentically set on a boat, channeling all the maritime splendor.

Fans of renowned artists like Dua Lipa and Jamiroquai will find Monaco’s latest release resonant and rhythmically compelling. Collaborating with a talented ensemble, including Brent Setterington on keyboards and percussion, and Marcus Gazzellone on drums, the track promises rich textures and layered melodies.

It’s notable to mention the enchanting flute performance by Dave Watson of Chops Horns and the evocative violin performance by Cynthia Konopka, adding depth and character to the song.

From her earliest records like “Falling for the Third Time” in 2017 to her recent hits “Better Not Bitter” in 2021 and “Catching Ladybugs” in 2019, Monaco’s growth as an artist is evident. Each album, with its distinct flavor and success, chronicles her evolving sound, landing her firmly in the ‘Yacht Pop’ genre.

Monaco’s travels and insatiable quest for inspiration result in more than just musical compositions; they are lyrical memories, testaments to her undying spirit. As we start to bid adieu to 2023, watch out for Mel Monaco in 2024, as she promises to continue her untameable voyage on both land and water.

Watch the music video for “Love Tides” below!


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