OSKA Delivers Perfect Summer Road Trip Soundtrack With ‘Forever Blue’

Vienna-based indie-pop singer/songwriter OSKA is back with a new song, “Forever Blue.” This playful and nostalgic track is ideal for your summer road trip playlist. With guitars, harmonies, and upbeat percussion, OSKA invites us to find joy in life’s simple pleasures with our favorite people.

“Forever Blue” was inspired by a memorable car ride with a childhood friend. OSKA says, “It felt like being children again; playing, goofing around, snoozing off in the car; not a worry in the world. This song is about reflecting on tough situations and realizations, like childhood ending. It’s also about friendship and the beauty of having people in your life who can make you feel at peace by something as simple as listening to music together.”

Growing up in a small village in Lower Austria, OSKA moved to Vienna at 18 to study music. Born into a family of singers and musicians, she discovered her voice early on. In Vienna, she started busking in streets and squares while studying pop and jazz singing. After years of supporting other artists, OSKA released “Distant Universe” earlier this year and signed with Nettwerk.

OSKA’s music has been praised by Under The Radar, COLLiDE, Atwood Magazine, and Indie Shuffle. She is set to support Coldplay alongside Maggie Rogers in August 2024. Her debut album, My World, My Love, Paris, shares stories of family life and the experiences of growing up, showcasing her honest lyrics and tender melodies.

“Forever Blue” shines with warmth and joy. Its jangly guitars, celestial harmonies, and upbeat percussion create a perfect backdrop for a summer road trip. OSKA captures a sense of excitement and encourages us to find happiness in small moments. She sings, “You get the car, I’ll get the fuel, turn the keys, we’ll be home soon, I’ll play the song, you’ve got the moves.”

OSKA has seen great success in recent years. Signing with Nettwerk in 2020, her music has accumulated millions of streams and won her several awards, including the XA Music Export Award at Waves Vienna Festival 2020 and the Amadeus Austrian Music Award for “Best Sound” in 2022. In 2023, she won the MUSIC MOVES EUROPE AWARD at ESNS.

Her captivating performances have led to high-profile opportunities, including a memorable performance at SXSW in 2024. She is also set for an upcoming duet with BANNERS on a popular German TV morning show (ZDF).

With “Forever Blue,” OSKA continues to charm listeners and solidify her place as a rising star. The song’s playful vibe and nostalgic feel make it a perfect addition to your summer soundtrack.

Listen to “Forever Blue” below!


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