‘Ouija’ Sequel In The Works For Halloween 2016 | Film News


Ouija was not a big hit with audiences or critics – it scored a dismal 7% on Rotten Tomatoes and has a rather poor 4.4 rating on IMDB (which at the very least makes it better than Fantastic Four). Yet due to the fact it only cost $5 million to make and made all this money back on opening weekend alone, naturally, there is a sequel in the works. Whether you like it or not.


However, this time, the film may actually prove to be scary, as Mike Flanagan and Jeff Howard (screenwriters for last year’s inspired Karen Gillan horror Oculus), have been confirmed to write the screenplay. It has also been fully confirmed that Flanagan, who directed Oculus, will also be taking over the directorial reigns here. Whether or not this can make a film about a Hasbro toy anything approaching terrifying, we will just have to wait and see, or preferably, not see at all and make sure we don’t get any more sequels, we have clearly not asked for.



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