London-Based Afrofusion Artist PapaRaZzle Releases New EP ‘I’m In Paris And I Miss You’

London-based afrofusion artist PapaRaZzle has released a surprise new EP, I’m In Paris And I Miss You, inspired by an impromptu week in Paris this May. The 7-track project, recorded in just two days, showcases PapaRaZzle’s dynamic creativity and the vibrant energy of the City of Love.

The EP emerged from a spontaneous collaboration with French producer Lisa Tz and also features contributions from French producers Saan and Racy J, as well as long-time collaborators Nahz Rashid, Jaemally Beatz, and HBEATPRO.

The EP opens with “Pilot”, where PapaRaZzle serenades his lover against the backdrop of a serene Paris sunset. Tracks like ‘Miata’ celebrate summer love with carefree rhythms, while the title track “Paris” encourages listeners to dance and dream of a stress-free escape.

Other songs, such as “Angels Singing” and “Come Back Home”, capture the joy of friendship and the melancholy of lost love, respectively. “I Get High, I Fall Down” reflects the enduring hope of a romantic despite past disappointments, and the EP concludes with “Music Makes Me Feel Better”, a tribute to the healing power of music and a heartfelt close to the project.

I’m In Paris And I Miss You explores a wide spectrum of human emotions, from love and heartbreak to nostalgia and hope. PapaRaZzle’s ability to transform personal experiences into universal narratives is evident throughout the EP, making it a resonant and relatable journey for listeners. The project also marks the beginning of a series of city-themed releases that PapaRaZzle has envisioned.

PapaRaZzle, originally from Nigeria and now based in London, is known for his innovative blend of afrobeats, R&B, soul, dancehall, rap, and pop music. He has received critical acclaim from outlets such as MTV, Wonderland, and BBC 1Xtra, and has garnered over six million plays online. His previous single, “Sunset And You”, achieved iTunes R&B Top 10 chart success in Belgium and Russia, and his track “Angel” went viral in Malawi.

With his unique sound and vibrant cultural expression, PapaRaZzle continues to push musical boundaries and redefine the afrofusion genre, captivating audiences across Europe and beyond with his performances and innovative music.

Listen to the EP I’m In Paris And I Miss You below!


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