Pardon My Blog 3rd Anniversary Party – Wednesday, April 16 | Events


Our friends over at Pardon My Blog are turn three next month and to celebrate their anniversary, they are having a special Red Cup District party with a ’90’s Edition’ theme at XOYO on April 16. The event is free on the guestlist before 11pm while advanced tickets are available now for £5. Check out their spanking new website too.


“WE ARE TURNING 3! With a new website launch (it’s pretty swanky if you ain’t seen it yet) and our third year anniversary round the corner, we’re in the mood to celebrate so why not throw another legendary RED CUP DISTRICT! Our last party had some of the finest DJ’s spin the hardest tracks in hip-hop, R&B, trap, house and grime to a packed crowd of music lovers, industry folks and the average hipster. Gary, our signature PMB face board also premiered his brand new look (yes, we named him Gaz) and the tube strike couldn’t even get in the way for a mental night.


Decided to do it different this time round too! Remember a young lad who was sent off to live with his aunty and uncle in Bel-Air? Or perhaps when we reminisce about this certain decade images of a town full of yellow people spring to mind? Whatever we choose to remember there is no doubt that the 90’s was an incredible era that we are super excited to relive through this installment.


This edition of Red Cup District is not only special to us because we get to bring back the 90’s but as mentioned we are also celebrating our 3rd year anniversary (draws for the Kleenex) and who better to share it with than you guys!”



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