Parisian Singer Elijah Rose Releases ‘Why’ Featuring Chidokeyz

There’s a rich multicultural heritage for this 24-year-old artist, Elijah Rose, whose mother comes from Martinique, and father from Algeria.

Elijah grew up in the eclectic city of Paris where she developed a strong passion for music and visuals, specifically photography and graphic design.

Highly influenced by soul, jazz, and hip-hop music, Elijah moved to Brighton in 2018. This colourful and artistic British town changed her life, making her realize the unique relationship British people have with music.

Brighton also offered an incredible landscape of possibilities when it came to music, with hundreds, if not thousands, of pubs where this artist could explore and discover different types of music. Elijah says that the consumption of music is as important as its production.

Moreover, the singer had the amazing opportunity to join the Spiral Wave Radio team for six months. There, Elijah had the chance to meet other talented artists and improve her music skills.

This one-year adventure in Brighton was a personal and artistic revelation that leaded Elijah to publish her first EP in May 2020, and her first single in December of the same year.

For her latest release in 2022, Elijah sings “Why” featuring the talented Nigerian artist “Chidokeyz”, with whom she last collaborated with in 2020. Afrobeats, an R&B groove, Rhodes and some guitar riffs accompany the two artists on this sunny new song.

Listen to to the single below:


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