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North-West London rapper Patrin has just released his first masterpiece of a mixtape titled Time Will Tell.


This 12-track mixtape arrives in perfect timing to provide an uplifting ethos following the release of his new music video “Letter 2 Worlds”, a thought provoking and lyrically liberating track complimented by a strong message about current affairs within today’s society.


Time will Tell opens up with a very strong introductory song called “Timeless” which expresses the topics about self-motivation and encouragement.


It then offers a twist with some hard hitting tracks to follow such as “Well Wishes”, and then smoothes out with some harmonious melodic tracks like “Don’t Low Your Worth” and “To Whom It May Concern” which denotes Patrin’s daring heights to the versatility of his music as an emerging artist, with his lyrically orientated verses showing his more vulnerable side.


The tape then concludes with “Nothing Hurts More” which focuses on the issues happening in his neighbourhood, supported by cadence and the canorous vocals. All coinciding with the concept of time which is the common denominator, as Patrin stays reflecting on past occurrences and witnesses current affairs.




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