Pet Shop Boys – Twenty-something | Music Video

Pet Shop Boys 11.05.2016ANDREW


In their new video for “Twenty-something”, the Pet Shop Boys highlight issues regarding the American justice system. The video comes as the duo announce a new tour behind their latest album, Super.


Tinkling, yet serious, the track also seems to have an underlying creepy yet happy vibe behind it. It is like a haunted carnival, or something. Maybe this conveys the futility of life beyond the prison gates, as if to say it is not freedom as you would expect to know it. It has the signature PSB vocal style throughout, half spoken and half sung.


Directed by Gavin Filipiak, and set in the Sherman Heights area of San Diego, the visuals follow a young gang member who is finally released from prison. He comes back to crippling debt, two children, and a pregnant girlfriend. Society seemingly does not care he has, as they say, paid his debt to society.




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