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Peter Dinklage Needs Your Memories For New Film | Film News

Peter Dinklage


Normally when filmmakers and actors reach out to the public it’s normally for money. However, it seems that Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage is engaging in a new form of crowd-sourcing as he’s not asking for money; he’s asking for your memories.


These memories will make up an important part of his new film project: Rememory. Teaming up with Mark Palansky, who he worked with on 2006’s Penelope, Dinklage will star as Sam Bloom, who witnesses the creation of a machine that extracts and replays memories without the self-aggrandisement of the individual’s imagination. Bloom will then use the machine to solve the mysterious murder of its creator, Gordon Dunn.


The film will also discuss the temptation to live within those memories, abandoning the real world for an idealistic reality, bringing it on the penumbra of Total Recall territory.


Speaking about the film, Dinklage states: “Memory plays tricks us on all. You tend to romanticise things a lot or make stories funnier. This machine gets to the true essence of the memory, how it really happened and you are able to relive it.


This is where the crowd-sourcing of memories comes in: Palansky and Dinklage want to populate the film with real memories. They want prospective audience members to submit short videos to their website, using old recordings or recreations of memories. Dinklage and Palansky will then review the entries and the best will be in the film.


If you fancy submitting a memory you don’t mind being shared in a low-budget Sci-Fi then head over to their website at The film is currently in post-production so get submitted fast.



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