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Jamal ‘Perfect Gentleman’ Brown aka PG Brown has just released his brand new single. Entitled “Big Guy”, PG Brown described it as a song that shows his personality.


The lyrics, delivered over an R&B melody, are talking about the singer, how he always loved to have fun and his ever-growing love for dance and groove as well as the fact that being a “big guy” of about 6’7 feet and 400+ pounds is not always easy.


He dances everywhere, whether it’s at work, participating in multiple gatherings as part of the hotel business, or at college, as part of the musical theater. PG Brown also loves being dressed up in a suit with a tie and being able to sing, a passion that he got from the choir when he was little.


About the creation of this single, everything started when PG Brown received an Instagram DM from the beatmaker Harwit saying that he would like to do something together. PG Brown received some beats, with which he fell in love.


The chorus was immediately in his mind “Imma big guy in a bowtie but the rest of the song took a little bit longer to write – a month to be exact, but he was really able to put himself into it. After that, it was mixed in live by Kayo on his platform Roast N Review on Facebook.


PG Brown had been singing as well as performing a little bit of everything since middle school, and today his music is a real testimony of the struggles he endured – growing up in a single-parent household, failed attempts at college – and accomplishment he achieved while uncovering who he is.


In his mid-20s and he is trying to reinvent the modern-day gentleman with his impact on the music industry. He has a traditional R&B sound but is able to keep it fresh and relevant.


Listen to PG Brown’s latest single “Big Guy” here:




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