Philadelphia Duo Rae.Dianz And DJ Royale Deliver Fresh Amapiano Groove With ‘Save Me’

The talented duo of Rae.Dianz and DJ Royale have released a new single titled “Save Me”. The track, which was released on September 15th, offers a mix of soulful amapiano beats that are hard to resist. With the sensual undertones of Rae’s compelling deep vocals, coupled with DJ Royale’s rhythmic percussion, it becomes clear that this track is more than just music—it’s an experience.

The instrumental brilliance is enhanced by the melodic drifts of Yesseh Ali’s saxophone. Ali doesn’t just play; he seemingly converses with the rhythm, settling in dynamic pockets throughout the track. This fresh synergy between the artists forms a captivating soundscape, drawing listeners into the music’s core and holding them spellbound.

“Save Me” is a delightful contrast to Rae.Dianz’s previous single, “Frank”, which painted a modern R&B canvas with a more melancholic hue. The journey of creating “Save Me” also offers an intriguing backstory.

Beginning its life at Rec Philly, the creative process transitioned to a home studio and then, after a year, found its culmination with the involvement of DJ Expo and Lotits. Released under the banner of CAKE Productions, “Save Me” is ready to woo audiences on all major streaming platforms.

Rae.Dianz is not just an artist but a radiant personality in the world of music. Aptly pronounced as “radiance”, her multifaceted talent extends beyond singing. Many draw parallels between her and celebrated artists like Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill.

But, Rae sets herself distinctively apart, not just with her voice, but with her prowess as a flutist and her commitment to mental health awareness. Her performances are varied and immersive.

Whether it’s delivering soulful jazz with live bands, emceeing with local DJs, providing meditation accompaniment with her flute, or reciting poetry, Rae ensures that her audience always leaves with a memory to cherish.

Listen to “Save Me” below!


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