Philadelphia Instrumentalist And Producer Yellow Shoots Releases New Single ‘Pinning Paradise’

Gregory Matthews, also known as Yellow Shoots, is a multi-instrumentalist and producer from Philadelphia. He is an elementalist force awakened by life and synesthesia’s harmonic sensory perceptions.

Yellow shoots brings an exhilarating presence to the stage, which has been described as “uniquely dark and groovy.” Leading with tremendous swagger as one of Brooklyn’s most eclectic producer/songwriters, he certainly adds the energy rushing through his veins to a collection of aspirational songs influenced by his intimate emotions.

He has just released “Pinning Paradise”, the second single from his upcoming EP Lighthouse.

Between expectation and grief, “Pinning Paradise” exists in a reflective space. From the solitary, exquisitely inspired acoustic guitar to the flutes and synthesizers that glide beneath the chorus, Yellow Shoots creates a rhythmic, ambient experience made for sitting with your feelings.

Pinning Paradise is a song about growing up and adjusting to a constantly changing world, it’s about being okay with sadness, and with things that are out of your control. Trying to find comfort while dealing with unpleasant circumstances“, the musician explains.

Yellow Shoots’ Lighthouse EP, which he describes as “an exploration of unusual timbres,” expands on his recent LP The Green Album, with its artistic blend of pitchy acoustic guitars, haunting vocals, tape swivels, and glistening melodies.

According to him, “It’s a world, it’s a moody, brooding world. I’m always thinking about sound scape and colors. I’m trying to speak with guitar, I’m trying non-conventional ways of making songs, ways to make me feel new”.

Listen to Yellow Shoots’ brand new single “Pinning Paradise” below.


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