Phoenix Singer And Songwriter Alissa Feudo Drops New Single ‘Life’s Blood’

Phoenix-based singer-songwriter and proficient instrumentalist, Alissa Feudo, presents her latest offering – a mesmerizing new single called “Life’s Blood.”

“Life’s Blood” is an introspective ballad that explores the fleeting and cyclical essence of life and love. Jointly penned by Alissa Feudo and produced by John Hancock, the track is a gentle reminder that the world is transient and that the rhythm of relationships is characterized by inevitable ebbs and flows.

The song emphasizes the importance of embracing each moment as it unfolds, promoting the idea of finding peace in acceptance, without resisting or fearing change. The consistent transitions in our existence may carry a tinge of melancholy but also hold the promise of new beginnings.

Crafting an engaging blend of electronic and acoustic elements, the track stands out with its celestial vocals, captivating melodies, and profound lyrics that illuminate the depth of our human journey.

Currently residing in Phoenix, Arizona, American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Alissa Feudo has an impressive portfolio. She’s gained recognition through her trance collaborations with Myon under the artist names Alissa Feudo and ICON.

Feudo’s resume boasts of collaborative work with renowned musicians such as Seven Lions, Andy Moor, Dash Berlin, among others. Her vocal prowess and songwriting skills have graced numerous remixes and collaborative pieces, earning millions of listens and reaching number one positions on the Beatport charts.

Having unveiled “Don’t Say” last year, Alissa is currently focused on her forthcoming debut alt-pop solo album, worked upon with producers like John Hancock of Late Night Alumni, Myon, KLRX, and Kodyn. “Life’s Blood” serves as the album’s second single.

Although the album showcases a diverse sonic palette, listeners can anticipate more single releases later this year. Feudo’s captivating vocal timbre and insightful songwriting persistently deliver fresh perspectives and an aura of nocturnal vulnerability.

Be sure to listen to Alissa Feudo’s profound new single “Life’s Blood” below:


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