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That’s right. Pixies are back! The song is part of their upcoming sixth LP, Head Carrier. “I met this real cool dude today, looking like Jack Palance”, Black Francis sings. “He said I want to get through to you and help you find your talent”.


The LP, called Head Carrier, features Paz Lenchantin, the bass player who co-wrote and contributed vocals to “All I Think About Now”. Pixies spent six weeks writing, arranging and rehearsing the album before they started recording in February.


“This was a wonderful luxury, for us to have the time to be able to really work these new songs out”, drummer David Lovering said. “By the time we started recording, we all knew the songs backwards and forwards, so it took half as long for us to make this album as it did to make Indie Cindy”.


The band recently unveiled some new tracks – including “Head Carrier”, “Classic Masher” and “Baal’s Back”.
They will promote Head Carrier with a European tour launching in November. Check out their new track below:




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