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Plastic Sun is a London-based 3-piece band composed of Joshua Woo (vocal, bass, guitar, keys & saxophone), Alessandro Melchior (guitar, bass & keys) and Keir Adamson (drums, percussion & keys).


They take their inspiration from a large range of music spanning classic rock, 80’s post-punk, electronica, alternative and hip-hop. They’ve cited artists as diverse as The Beatles through to Aphex Twin.


This talented band have just released their debut single titled “Violent Blue Life”, and what a start to their career it is.


It’s a sound that can be credited to the band’s love of Bowie. The song has been written just after his passing influenced by Bowie’s groove and sonic experimentations.


“Violent Blue Life” is an electric, shape-shifting song which reinvents what can be expected from an indie-guitar band. There are so many sounds perfectly blend all together. The synthesizers waltz around a moody unyielding bass, layered with frontman Joshua’s falsetto vocals.


Despite the song’s technicolored feel, the lyrics talk of struggle with anxiety and depression. Woo explained he uses a free writing lyrics and places the words in a randomiser, then re-edites from the random selection so only words and phrases with meaning were used.


As he explains: “The lines are intentionally panicked, disjointed and paranoid, because this is what goes on in my head during a bad spell”.


Listen to “Violent Blue Life” here:




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