Polish British Artist Anamelia Shares Her New Track ‘Rent Free’

The provocative and compelling new track “Rent Free” from Manchester-based newcomer Anamelia delves into the experience of being taken for granted and allowing someone to inhabit your thoughts uncharged. The lyrics encapsulate the sensation of going with the flow only to subsequently realize that your initial intuition was spot-on.

A harmonious fusion of R&B, electronic, hip-hop, and soul genres culminates in this track, showcasing the unique sound of Anamelia. Her laid-back yet fiery vocals – sensual, sassy and distinct – exemplify her personal style and charm.

Hailing from Manchester, UK, and born in Poland, Anamelia is a contemporary R&B artist who brings together an array of cultural influences she was fortunate to grow up with, incorporating them into her own signature sound.

Her exposure to diverse cultural experiences, courtesy of extensive performances in concerts and competitions across Poland and Eastern Europe during her formative years, has indubitably shaped her artistic expression.

Maintaining her eastern vocal nuances and rap-like rhythms, Anamelia continues to champion the multilingual approach in her music and strongly encourages young females to embrace their individuality and spirituality.

Anamelia has always been a strong advocate for fostering young talent in music. She currently offers artist development and mentorship workshops for youngsters across Manchester, working alongside various city organisations to spearhead arts-related projects. These initiatives aim to boost confidence among young people through the magic of music creation.

Her creative style, although direct and straightforward in some songs, frequently utilizes metaphors, demonstrating her multilingual prowess.

Anamelia elucidates on her song, “Initially written from the perspective of a romantic relationship, I realise that this dynamic applies to many aspects of my life, including my career and music. The song ‘Rent Free’ was so titled as I tend to let people live in my head without any charge.

The narrative of the song is about a guy who initially chases a girl, the girl eventually capitulates, and suddenly he loses interest and ceases to make an effort. The ensuing confusion from the games that are played, the push-and-pull dynamic, and the ego clashes are something many might find relatable.”

Indulge in Anamelia’s latest offering, “Rent Free”, available to stream below.


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