Polish Songstress Rose White Releases New Single ‘Filthy Dream’

“Filthy Dream,” a new song from London-based singer-songwriter Rose White, who is of Polish descent, has been released on December 8. The song is the most recent single off of her next EP, One Fourth Mark, which will be released on February 24, 2023.

Amy Winehouse, Sia, and Joy Crookes are just a few of the artists Rose cites as her key influences. Her music deftly combines pop with elements of soul and funk. A sultry instrumental sets the stage for strong vocals and a slick saxophone conclusion.

The song “Filthy Dream” combines the sinister themes of wealth and greed with those of toxic relationships, showcasing the author’s talent for creating stories via song lyrics.

The song was written from the viewpoint of a wealthy man’s partner, who begins to feel imprisoned in the fantastical world of unending comfort and wealth.

Speaking of the track, Rose says, “Recently we’ve been hearing a lot about the wealthiest men in the world. I got intrigued by the thought of what their lives must look like; filled with abundance and power. With time, I realised that ‘Filthy Dream’ is actually a song about toxic relationships.

In this case the toxicity comes from money, but there are numerous other factors that can serve as red flags. This song is a gentle reminder that even though we can have passionate chemistry with someone, it doesn’t mean we won’t get hurt in a long time. True colours come out at some point.”

Rose was constantly surrounded by music and the arts while growing up in Poland. Having previously worked as a professional ballroom dancer, she began vocal training at the age of 15 and performed at her first concert in her native Szczecin, Poland, where she quickly discovered that singing is her genuine passion.

With just £300, two bags, and the desire to establish herself on the UK music scene, Rose relocated to London in 2017. She released her debut track, “Ride,” in 2018 after a year of working with artists she had just met.

The album’s release served as a springboard for notice from other musicians and generated numerous gigs in various London locations as well as some successful collaborations.

“Filthy Dream” is the second track of Rose’s EP, in which she discusses relationships, mental health, and life after turning 25, is a creative expression of her life. The EP was made early this year in her backyard studio with producer Tommy Sigalov.

Listen and enjoy the new release “Filthy Dream” below!


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