Pop And R&B Talent Alexis Lynn Shares New Single ‘RIP ME’

Originally from Surrey, British Columbia, and currently making waves in Los Angeles, Alexis Lynn emerges as a captivating force in the music industry.

Alexis Lynn recently unveiled her much-anticipated latest single, “RIP ME,” released on February 2nd. This innovative track highlights Alexis’s vocal prowess and musical aesthetic. The song is a cathartic exploration of the complexities of grief, combining infectious melodies with anthem-like lyrics.

“RIP ME” delves into the raw and authentic frustrations following a breakup, addressing the struggles to move forward, the pain of letting go, and the journey toward self-discovery and healing. Alexis invites listeners into her personal journey, creating a universally relatable experience.

Her artistic journey began with a childhood dream, and during adolescence, she discovered her true passion in songwriting. Alexis’s voice, a captivating blend of honeyed tones with a distinct subtlety, creates pop/R&B anthems that skillfully balance vulnerability and empowerment.

Influenced by iconic figures such as Amy Winehouse and Rihanna, Alexis has developed a raw and bold writing style. Addressing a variety of subjects with uncompromising honesty, she positions herself as a feminist voice and a mental health advocate.

Alexis’s commitment to storytelling is deeply rooted in the roots of her family’s First Nation, embodying a belief in the power of sharing life experiences through music.

Engaged at every stage of the creative process, from artistic conception to music video editing, Alexis is ready to materialize her aspirations. Her discography explores growth, relationships, and mental health, culminating in her 2022 album, Real Talk, a poignant journey from struggle to healing.

Reflecting on the recent release, Alexis shares, “‘RIP ME’ is a reflection of my personal journey trying to emerge from grief. I wanted to create a song that captures the frustration of this experience, a universally relatable emotion.

As “RIP ME” offers fans and new listeners the opportunity to immerse themselves in Alexis Lynn’s powerful storytelling and musical artistry, this burgeoning Indigenous pop/R&B sensation leaves an indelible mark on the music landscape. It provides a unique and impactful voice in an era defined by distance and shared human experiences.

Listen to “RIP ME” below!


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