Pop Artist Baby Queen Premieres Video For New Single ‘Buzzkill’ | Music News


Newcomer Baby Queen, aka Bella Latham, published the video for her second single “Buzzkill”.


The colourful clip with strong visual appeal was shot in an East London studio, directed by rising filmmaking duo Bedroom. They’ve already worked with well-known artists as Beabadoobee and The 1975.


Bella Latham, who was born in South Africa, felt like a misfit as she tried to fit into London life. She experienced a world of self-obsession, influencers and fake personalities. “I started to write bitterly about the world that I had perceived whilst being here in London, and the way that it had changed me, and the narcissist I had become” she says.


“Buzzkill” describes moment when you’re depressed at a party and your friends calling you a killjoy or buzzkill. Bella strongly expresses the feeling of being in the wrong place with the wrong people. “Just shut up, you’re bringing me down, and parties are supposed to be fun“ she sings.



The sound emphasises her inner darkness and the party theme with soft-grunge guitar pop and electric synths. In the video Baby Queen is wearing several outfits and does exaggerated face impressions to the camera. She is surrounded by stranger hands controlling her, mirroring the manipulation through other people.


They used people’s hands as opposed to their full bodies to visualize Bella’s inner feelings. “when you’re depressed, you’re very detached from reality and incredibly apathetic, so everything around you is impersonal” she explains.


In “Buzzkill” deep funny lyrics meet with a contrast of grunge vocals and a songwriter’s pop touch. Watch the video of the song below.




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