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Metal band Praying Mantis have released a new song from their tenth upcoming album. “All I See” is taken from the album Legacy which is due to be released in August. The new album is the first recording with new members, Jaycee Cuijpers (vocals) and Hans in’t Zandt (drums). The band’s website said of the new members: “(they) have truly provided a new dimension to the writing process and musical performances. Together with guitarists Tino Troy and Andy Burgess, they have been instrumental not only in the writing of the new songs, but in providing a new vision in terms of the sound engineering and production“.


Praying Mantis was first formed in 1973 by brothers Tino and Chris Troy, while they never made the huge success like Iron Maiden or Def Leppard did, they have carried on performing throughout the years and was classed as one of the most influential bands of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. Listen to Praying Mantis’ “All I See” below.




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