Pretty Crimes Unveil Genre-Defying New Album ‘Every Moment All At Once’

Raleigh-based band Pretty Crimes is gearing up for the release of their highly anticipated album, Every Moment All at Once. Known for their eclectic style which they describe as “genre fluid”, Pretty Crimes has carved out a unique niche in the music scene with their blend of blues rock, indie folk, dream pop, electronica, and 90s alt rock.

The album, released on February 2nd, is a sonic journey through various musical landscapes, weaving together different genres seamlessly. Main songwriters Dan Irving and Em Edgerton have crafted an album that explores the theme of interconnectedness, delving into the threads of connection that bind individuals together and shape their identities.

Every Moment All at Once is about the threads of connection people have with each other, and how all of these threads come together to form the sum of one’s identity,” says Irving. “We wanted to explore how, through the relationships in our lives, we discover different facets of ourselves; some that we love, and some that are hard to grapple with that we wish to change.

The album is preceded by two teaser EPs that have already garnered attention on Spotify. Tracks like “Every Moment”, “Plans”, “New Years” and “Knowing Silence” showcase the band’s versatility, ranging from indie pop to grunge to folk-infused indie rock. The album culminates in an electronic interlude with “If You Are There”, demonstrating Pretty Crimes’ ability to connect diverse musical elements into a cohesive whole.

With their sophomore album, Pretty Crimes aims to connect not only with their fans but also with music lovers of all tastes. Their music, both entertaining and introspective, has something for everyone, from catchy hooks to deep, emotive lyrics.

In addition to their musical endeavours, Pretty Crimes consists of Dan Irving, Em Edgerton, Mike Freeman, and Alan “Chico” Marines. Their first album, You Have Your Mind, explored themes of belief and reality, while Every Moment All at Once promises to push the boundaries even further.

Listen to Every Moment All at Once below!


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