Psychedelic Dance R&B Duo Gawd Share New Single ‘Too Hot’

Introducing GAWD, the psychedelic dance R&B duo composed of Alana and Alayna, who have just released their latest single, “Two Hot.” With a unique confluence of R&B, infused with sounds that don’t box into any single genre, GAWD seems to be charting a fresh course in the musical world.

Accompanying the vibrant single is an engaging visualizer that captures the spirit of jubilation and spontaneity. As viewers witness the pair basking in unrestrained dance and sheer joy, it’s clear that this is just a teaser of the delights they can anticipate from GAWD’s forthcoming EP, Cathedral City.

Slated for release on September 8th, 2023, the EP promises not only an auditory treat but also a visual one, with individual visualizers crafted for each track.

A name to remember, GAWD is an acronym for ‘Good Ass Women Deserve.’ Beyond being a catchy moniker, it is an embodiment of their artistic vision and dedication.

It’s their way of celebrating the innate creativity and worth that they believe every artist possesses. As the duo so eloquently puts it, “Our music is a love letter to the creator and creation itself.”

Their background stories add layers to their unique musical tapestry. Alana, hailing from Pomona, and Alayna, with roots in Memphis, found their artistic haven in Los Angeles. The genesis of their collaboration can be traced back to the serene landscape of “Cathedral City.”

It was under its vast, starlit expanse that the duo found inspiration, drawing parallels between the echoing melodies they crafted and the echoes within a vast cathedral.

With an extensive palette of musical inspirations, from the likes of Jones Girls to the legendary Pharrell, GAWD offers a rich blend of sounds. But it’s more than just music for them. It’s a medium of connection and reflection.

Through their songs, they aim to empower listeners, instilling in them feelings of recognition and resonance. GAWD fervently hopes that their audience feels “unstoppable” and understands that their experiences and opinions hold immense value.

With their EP launch on the horizon, the duo is poised to make a significant mark in the music industry. Watch their visuals for “Too Hot” below!


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