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Purity Ring have released their second studio album Another Eternity on 4AD Records. Singer and one half of the Canadian Synth pop duo, Megan James, has said that over the two album she is “attempting to write” herself; and it shows, as this second effort is lyrically more personal. Producer Corin Roodick has expressed a genuine admiration for current pop music and in particular Taylor Swift, and has also spoken about how having their own version of pop music recognized in the mainstream world is great but Roddick was keen to make it clear that it was only great as long as it didn’t mean he had to compromise his music.


Another Eternity is closer to that world, a little sharper, the production is a bit less cluttered, the vocals are a bit more prominent but Purity Ring retain that signature sound established in Shrines. The two albums are rather similar and the progress made is subtle but definitely present. The main difference about the approach to this album was that the two worked together in the same studio for the first time. The de-cluttering of the mixes seems to have come from that proximity. Another Eternity is definitely much more than another Shrines. The album is available on iTunes here.



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