Quality Control Live @ PROUD Camden – Friday, March 14 | Events


“On 14/03/14, Quality Control Music (the independent movement) launches their TV show at Proud Camden. Featuring some great acts like the sublime Tawiah, the energized gusto of Massmatiks and the drum n bass cum rock power of Driving Lolita, it will be a day of awesome talent. Quality Control is a music platform that has been profiling some of the hottest trending acts through the use of studio performances and set performances gaining support from industry aficionados.


Quality Control is indeed the music show that seeks to defy the formulaic approach to music shows and brings the spontaneity to music entertainment that was prevalent in the late 80’s and early 90’s think-The Word and The Tube. It is a platform that seeks to give the power back to YOU the listeners- ‘your music your quality’ with acts chosen by our followers captured in a contemporary style.


Last year Quality Control showed their debut episode at the Channel 4 headquarters with industry insiders impressed with the powerful filmic thirty minute visual feast that featured bands like the NME supported Lloyd Yates whose brooding energy was encapsulated in an awe inspiring piece of cinematography. Come and join us for a bench mark studio music show that will take the music show format and tear it up and members of the public are invited to be part of the studio audience and help CONTROL THE QUALITY.”



Purchase your tickets for Quality Control LIVE via Fatsoma or via Proud Camden.



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