Quentin Miller Reveals Run In With Meek Mill | Music News



Quentin Miller is the alleged ghostwriter of many Drake songs, like “R.I.C.O.”, “Know Yourself” and “10 Bands”. More recently, he has revealed surprising news about his dealings with fellow performer, Meek Mill.


He said that whilst in Los Angeles around the time What A Time To Be Alive, a collaborative mixtape by Drake and Atlanta-based rapper Future, was being recorded, Meek Mill and his entourage assaulted him. He said:


“We was in LA. I was walking to the Nike store and he approached me and, this was really my first time really talking with Meek and basically he told me like, you know, he ain’t appreciate the letter that I dropped and it made him seem like he was a liar or what not and then he f****** stole off me in the Nike store and ran. I shed blood in the Nike store”.



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