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Quentin Tarantino


Quentin Tarantino is not only one of the most recognisable directors of our time, he is a huge film buff. His distinguished career has been as much a tribute to cinema as it has been blood-splatteringly original. Reservoir Dogs is his offering to the heist genre, Kill Bill a salute to the martial arts film.


In 2012, he turned his sights to the Western with Django Unchained, a film which he terms a Southern due to its narrative revolving around the slave trade in Southern America. His 8th and latest film, The Hateful Eight will see him return to this genre in a mysterious whodunit not too dissimilar from the drive of Reservoir Dogs.


With The Hateful Eight all wrapped up and ready for a limited release on December 25 and a wider release January 8, 2016, Tarantino is turning his sights away from the big screen to the small screen. In an interview with Premiere, Tarantino discussed his next project, stating: “I own the rights to this book I’ve wanted to adapt for a while, and the time may have come for me to tackle it. This is ‘Forty Lashes Less One’, by Elmore Leonard“. Although he has considered making it into his third Western, Tarantino is more keen on turning it into a miniseries of 4 to 6 hours.


Tarantino is well acquainted with Leonard’s work, having already adapted his novel Jackie Brown into a big-screen hit. Forty Lashes Less One follows the adventure of Harold Jackson and Raymond San Carlos, convicts of the infamous Yuma Prison, who are given a chance for pardon if they hunt down Arizona’s 5 most wanted outlaws. Material such as this is just asking for Tarantino’s Midas touch and it would be a huge pleasure to see it applied to TV. To learn more of Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight, check out the trailer below.




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