Quentin Tarantino May Work On ‘Hateful Eight’ Western After All | Film News

Quentin Tarantino may work on ‘Hateful Eight’ film


Acclaimed director Quentin Tarantino may now be working on the Hateful Eight film he previously withdrew just last month. He withdrew earlier due to an actor giving the script to their agent who published it, with confidential information on the film’s development leaking as a result.


Quentin Tarantino publicly expressed outrage at their antics, although he is still unaware who out of two actors is responsible for the leak. One of the film’s producers also admitted to letting an agent see their script however, the agent did not keep the script. Tarantino has referred to this as a betrayal but not crippling to the progress of the film and an industry insider revealed the director has contacted Samuel Jackson in regards to a role in the film. As time passes, film-goers will find out whether the director will be a part of this film or not.



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