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Could you imagine seeing a Tarantino story on the stage? No? How about a play where Samuel L. Jackson says the M word 15 times in one sentence? Although it sounds incredible, it could be a thing of the future as Quentin Tarantino, director of Pulp FictionKill BillDjango Unchained and The Hateful Eight, has stated his desire to write novels and plays when he is done with his film career.


Furthermore, it could be coming sooner than one would think: despite having one of the most recognisable and successful careers of modern cinema, Tarantino has been stating since 2012 that he intends to walk away from the camera after 10 films. His eighth, The Hateful Eight, is due for release on January 1, 2016.


In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Tarantino stated “I’m probably only going to make 10 movies, so I’m already planning on what I’m going to do after that.” He expanded on this statement, explaining his desire to turn towards novel-writing and theatre-directing: “I actually want to do a theatrical adaptation of Hateful Eight because I actually like the idea of other actors having a chance to play my characters and see what happens from that“. He has also put forward the idea of adapting his debut feature, Reservoir Dogs, into a stage production.


The idea may take some time to get used to but there is no denying that Tarantino is an incredible writer: his dialogue is some of the most naturalistic to be found in cinema and it is juxtaposed with gritty, almost Brechtian, brutality. We still have two more films to look forward to after The Hateful Eight and Tarantino may change his mind in that time, but there is clearly no reason to fear for his future; it looks very secure from here.



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