R.E.M. Debut New Single ‘Fascinating’ To Raise Money For Bahamas Hurricane Relief | Music News


The acclaimed American rock band have just released their new song “Fascinating“. It’s been a while since the band members publicly announced the end of the band:  it “wasn’t an easy decision” and “all things must end, and we wanted to do it right, to do it our way”. However, during these years, the band were still in contact to complete unfinished projects.


The song “Fascinating” is not a new production, it should have been part of their 2001 album Reveal, but the band decided to cut it at the last minute. Three years after, the band chose to record it again, with the intent of putting it on Around The Sun. It was created in a recording studio in Nassau, Bahamas.


The choice to release the song now is inevitably linked to the natural tragedies that occurred in the Bahamas after the passage of Hurricane Dorian. As Mike Mills affirmed: “I have been fortunate to spend many weeks working and playing in the Bahamas, making friends and lots of music there. It breaks my heart to see the damage wrought by Hurricane Dorian. Please help us and Mercy Corps do what we can to alleviate the suffering caused by this catastrophe”.


Moreover, Mercy Corps CEO Neal Keny-Guyer added, “The Bahamas faces a long road to recovery after this devastating hurricane. We’re grateful to have R.E.M. in our global community of humanitarians, sharing their song with the world to help the people of the Bahamas recover and build back even stronger”.


Listen to “Fascinating” here:




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