Ragz CV – Digital Slaves | Music Video


I like this one from London rapper Ragz-CV titled “Digital Slaves”. I remember first hearing this record last year at the BEFFTA Awards and it is a testament to Ragz that a few months later, I immediately recognized him and the single itself as soon I saw it in my inbox a few days ago. Watch the visuals for Ragz-CV’s “Digital Slaves” below.


“In a day when digital technology continues to control peoples lives, Ragz-CV releases his latest promo single ‘Digital Slaves.’ Describing how people have gone from meeting up, to sending emails, Facebook to Whatsapp & from being connected to losing the human connection. The beat really sets the tone and mood which creates an atmosphere that builds up to something really quite epic. Ragz-CV gives us a detailed account of how people are so absorbed in social media, the computer and what people would do without their mobile phone for a day.”




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