Ravyn Lenae – 4 Leaf Clover | Music Video


Looking like she just came out of the movie Grease, new school R&B sensation Ravyn Lenae shares with us her brand new video for “4 Leaf Clover” the duet with Steve Lacy from her latest tantalising project, Crush EP.


Directed by Andre Muir, the stylistic video has Lenae embracing some ’50s retro glam, while longing after ‘the boy next door’ and vice versa but she’s keeping it cool. It seems like they are both trying to make the other jealous with new love interests but secretly they just really want each other. The whole narrative plays out like a mini movie that you’ll never want to end because it’s thoroughly entertaining.


With this track, Steve Lacy does an excellent job which matches the retro harmonies behind Lenae’s vocals. While Lacy, who also served as executive producer for the EP, doesn’t appear in the clip, it doesn’t diminish its cinematic mood.




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