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Most recently, R&B singer, producer and musician Wav has shared his new contemporary single “Make It Work” which is part of a song trilogy about the ups and downs of a new relationship.


Wav is a Montreal-based emerging artist who focuses on a mix of R&B, Pop and Alternative. He keeps extending his list of styles and exploring his own sound. Because of his independence of major labels, he can produce in a freely way and live out creatively.


His sound is eclectic and comes with a personal DIY touch. Nevertheless his songs remind of iconic 2000s R&B hymns. “Make It Work” is part two of a three single trilogy the artist is currently working on. In the first single “Get It” Wav is dealing with the beginning of a new relationship.


It’s the initial point of meeting a person and having a good feeling about how things are going. The person knows what direction the relationship will be heading and is confident it will succeed. In “Make It Work” Wav talks about the hardships they face while the protagonist of the story still believes they can make it work.


The soulful R&B record earned incredible 10k streams on the first 3 three days of release and and leaves us with the question of how the story will continue. Will the couple break up or will they get over their lows and problems? Listen to the smooth and romantic single below.




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