Rebel Wilson Meets With Paul Feig About ‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot | Film News


When news broke that Paul Feig would be rebooting Ghostbusters with an all female cast, fans immediately started to speculate over which talented actresses would be involved. A firm favourite among fans is the hilarious Rebel Wilson and now that might become a reality. According to The Playlist, Wilson has already had a meeting with Feig about the project – could this mean she’s on board already?


Apparently, while speaking to the Today Show, Wilson had this to say; “Look, I’ve had a meeting, but who knows. They have to take a look at the script when it’s finished”. Already having a meeting with Feig has got to be promising, and knowing they’ve worked together before on Feig’s comedy Bridesmaids, we can totally imagine Rebel donning a Ghostbuster uniform!


When prompted about what could sway her to join the future all-female cast reboot and whether a ‘money truck’ could convince her, Wilson quickly replied; “I’d even do it without the money truck because Ghostbusters, the giant marshmallow man if that’s going to be in it… yeah, I’d do that for free… I probably shouldn’t say that on TV”. What do you guys think? Can you see Rebel in the new reboot and who else do you want to feature in Feig’s vision?



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