Red Velvet – Rookie | Music Video


Popular Korean girl group, Red Velvet, are back and bright with Rookie!


Rookie is their fourth extended play album and first release since their Russian Roulette EP promotions wrapped up at the end of 2016. This mini album features six songs and their title track takes on the same name as the album – “Rookie”.


The five-member girl group’s unique name had K-pop fans scrunching their noses when they debuted with single, “Happiness”, in 2014, but have since been gaining love for their individual charms and the duality of their group’s concept.


Rookie differentiates itself from their earlier musical releases in that it doesn’t focus on only Red or only Velvet concepts, but rather presents songs of both styles. While “Rookie” kicks off the album with a thrilling beat and addictive sing-speak chorus, final track, “Last Love”, warms the heart with a soft instrumentals and the girls’ smooth vocals.


The music video is loaded with bright colours and fun props, with the girls donning quirky doll-like outfits similar to costumes from earlier releases “Dumb Dumb” and “Russian Roulette”. The choreography is sharp and concise, as expected from a group now three years into their career.


The song has drawn mixed reactions from online communities, but has undoubtedly cemented itself as a hot issue. “Rookie” is currently within the top 10 on all 8 major Korean music streaming sites and the music video hit nearly 5 million views within the first 24 hours since its release.


Check out the music video below and decide whether or not “Rookie” is your cup of tea!




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