Red Velvet’s Seulgi Tackles Mic Malfunction With Ease | Music News


It’s been nearly three years since popular Korean girl group, Red Velvet, made their debut with the single, “Happiness”, but the recent demonstration of professionalism after a mic fail has proved the group to be capable of impressing beyond the years of their experience!


On Friday’s episode of Music Bank, Red Velvet performed their popular new title track, “Rookie”. The girls kept to the cheerful, girly beat with fluid dance moves in cute, color-coordinating outfits – nothing out of the ordinary for the talented group.


But member Seulgi’s voice was inaudible over the music and the cheering fans due to a mic fail. Despite the unresponsive mic, she carried on professionally and picked up the handheld mic a staff member brought in mid-performance with such natural ease that it was difficult to remember there had been a malfunction in the first place.


Check out the performance here or below!




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