Release Date For ‘Bourne 5’ Starring Matt Damon Pushed Back | Film News


After finding out that 20th Century Fox was having a shift around of their blockbuster release dates, Universal have made the wise decision to sweep in a scoop up some prime time date! As Matt ReevesDawn Of The Planet Of The Apes sequel moves to 2017, the untitled Bourne 5 flick has shifted to a release date of July 29th 2016. The film was originally meant to be releases two weeks earlier but with Reeves’ picture making its move, Bourne has snapped up the stellar release date. Reuniting director Paul Greengrass and star Matt Damon, fans were seriously excited when they announced they’d be returning for another action packed sequel! While a delay might seem a little disappointing to fans, it seems studios are keen to grab the very best release dates with even bigger audiences in mind!


Source: Variety



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