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The Revenant


Attempting to draw the audience closer to his work ( think 21 Grams and Babel), Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu has outdone himself with his latest film, the incredible The Revenant. You know you’re getting the real deal when an Academy Award winning director takes on the helm, and this one is a case in point.


The film talks about real life frontiersman Hugh Glass and his experiences alone in the unforgiving American wilderness as he is mauled by a bear in 1823. Pretty heavy stuff for a man famed for death, recovery and heartbreak related films. So in order for us to get the full experience, no single electric light was used on set, something of a life changing moment, says the cast who met for a round table discussion on ET.


We had to rehearse constantly to get these very meticulous shots out in nature perfectly set up and then we’d have an hour and a half of this natural light that we wanted to capture, so it was a mad scramble every day to try and capture everything within an hour and a half period“, says Leonardo di Caprio.


Then of course there was the beard, something that heightened the mystique of Hugh. “I was very proud of my beard“, muses Leo. “It was one and a half years living with that beard. It became like a very close friend“. However, sadly, Leo and his newfound bestie would be separated the moment production ended, as Leo revealed during the interview.


While waiting for the Xmas release of the film, you can be wetting your appetite with the trailer below!




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