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Twenty-year-old Rezz, real name Isabelle Rezazadeh, has only been making music for two years yet has already supported Deadmau5 and had her debut EP released through Skrillex‘s record label. MTV caught up with Rezz who explained that she learns from mistakes really quickly, something which has helped her improve herself as a musician.


On the topic of sexism, she said strangers on the Internet, rather than fellow DJs, make the sexist remarks: “[T]hey hear I’m some 20-year-old girl and I’m getting compared to Gesaffelstein. They’re like, No, screw that girl. I’m not even going to listen to that stuff”. On a similar note, Ruby Rose spoke out about how “frustrating” it was to be a female DJ in August.


Described as “dark” and “eerie“, Rezz’s EP – Insurrection – came out in July and can be downloaded, for free, here.



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