Rhode Island Musician Mia Humphrey Shares New Track ‘Newport’

Emerging singer-songwriter Mia Humphrey has released her latest single, “Newport,” a vibrant track that explores the unpredictable journey of dating and relationships.

Produced by Henry Wiedemer, “Newport” is a sonic narrative that starts with Mia’s distinctive vibrato-inflected vocals and builds into a dynamic mix of drums, guitars, and vocals. The song captures the exhilarating highs and eventual relief from a near emotional disaster, offering listeners an enjoyable, albeit unexpected, musical journey.

Based in Providence, Rhode Island, where she studies at Brown University, Mia Humphrey is a talented artist from Alexandria, Virginia. Her musical journey began in her early teens, evolving through journaling and songwriting.

“Newport” is her second single of 2023, following the release of “Wine Drunk” and its accompanying short film earlier this year. Mia has already made a significant impact in the music scene with her two EPs, Project Red Notebook and The Garden, and singles like “Honest” and “Parties.”

Mia’s latest single, “Newport,” is infused with fun and a slightly tongue-in-cheek vibe that reflects the whirlwind nature of new relationships. It’s a track that resonates with those who have experienced the surprises and twists of early dating. Mia hopes that “Newport” will bring a smile and understanding to those who have found themselves unexpectedly caught in similar situations.

Mia’s previous work, including her EPs and singles, showcases her ability to navigate a range of emotions through her music. From the excitement of new love in “Black High Tops” to the reflective and introspective tones in “The Box,” Mia’s songs resonate deeply with her audience. Her work on “Wine Drunk” as both a musician and a filmmaker demonstrates her versatility and creativity.

As Mia Humphrey continues to develop and release new music, she remains a rising talent with more exciting projects on the horizon. “Newport” is available on all streamers, with an acoustic version of the song offering a different perspective on the track’s creation on its way. With more singles and a full-length album planned, Mia Humphrey is an artist to watch in the coming year.

Listen to “Newport” below!


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