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Rig 1 is set to release third effort, Tasting The Mothership, on Friday, November 18. In aid of this, there are also visuals for said EP’s track, “Pig”. For those not in the know, Rig1 is Ian McElroy, an emcee from Omaha, Nebraska, residing in Los Angeles, California.


“Pig” is a grand one, quite triumphant and set against an almost conversational style. The difference, however, between that and the likes of, say, Nas, is that the diction is near perfect, no desire to sound street.


The video is as grand as its musical backdrop, Rig 1 seeming to be from the outside looking in. What ensues seems to be a flurry of trippy imagery, witnessing what seems to be brainwaves, neural connections and other things seemingly more of an esoteric nature.


Tasting The Mothership EP TRACKLISTING:


1. It’s Happening
2. Pig
3. Activate
4. Show Glows
5. Mother




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