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Today, British singer, songwriter and actress Rita Ora has finally released her complete album Phoenix. However, she had made sure to keep her fans entertained during the days leading up to the full release.


Last week, Ora had released the smooth R&B track “Velvet Rope” and “Cashmere” on Monday. On Wednesday, the artist has released her masterpiece titled “Falling to Pieces”. “We’re falling to pieces, all of the pieces come undone. We’re falling to pieces, all of the pieces one by one”, Ora sings.


All of the three singles’ content deals with the struggles of relationships and it seems like the full release will contain similar content.


Earlier this year, Rita Ora collaborated with Liam Payne for the Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack which was followed by the hit “Girls” featuring performances from Cardi B, Chali XCX and Bebe Rexha.


However, there are more special guests on the album. English band Rudimental features the single “Summer Love”, while singer-songwriter Julia Michaels appears on the track “Keep Talking”.


Half of the 12 tracks on the original version of Phoenix have already been released. “Anywhere”, “Your Song” and “Let You Love Me” are trendy and pop banger songs while other singles, such as “Girls” offer a more R&B kind of vibe to the debut album.


Rita Ora has told Billboard at the 2018 American Music Awards: “I’ve always had like features and done films, and things like that. But this is the first time I get to pour my heart out, and I’m not nervous, I’m just a bit excited, but a little bit like I don’t know what’s going to happen it’s the first time I’m like letting go, so we’ll see”.




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