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Dungeons and Dragons


It was a project that was left in doubt after a rights issue between Warner Bros. and Hasbro arose to bring things to a stall. However the issue was cleared up, as reported in August, and Warner Bros. are going ahead with their adaption of the popular role-playing board game Dungeons and Dragons. Now they have their Dungeon Master: Rob Letterman.


Letterman, being the director of Shark TaleMonsters vs. AliensGulliver’s Travels and Goosebumps, is no stranger to ghouls, monsters, talking animals and what have you, and is therefore a logical choice to seat in the director’s chair. He has be working from a script written by David Leslie Jones, which was originally named Chainmail after another game by D&D creator Gary Gygax.


Given his pedigree, it would be a good guess that Warner Bros. and Letterman’s vision of Dungeons and Dragons will be more family-fun-based as opposed to a dark, dingy and almost certainly R-rated fantasy.


Now that the director has been found, the search for the lead will now begin. Sources suggest that Vin Diesel would be a popular choice, with Diesel himself being a real-life fan of the game (his character is called Morgoth). However, whether Diesel and Letterman would gel is a debatable topic.


There is no date set for Dungeons and Dragons as of yet.



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